is the
new Gold
At Denvus, we aspire to combine the creativity of visionary brands with the execution excellence of our team. By building and running their end to end resale experience, we help them perpetuate the special relations they built with their community and reach new heights.

Our motto “Old is the new Gold” reflects our willingness to go with the brands to transform the present and future of the industry. Through lifecycle extension of unworn and damaged products, we allow various brand's communities to act for good. New customers are happy to access affordable and still attractive items. At the same time, existing customers make sure to trade in clothes before buying new ones. Ultimately initiating a virtuous circle and positive habits


It is where everything starts. We like to understand what drives our partners to enter the resale world. From there, we ensure a perfect alignment between their vision and our organisation, giving ourselves the chance to launch a meaningful and high performance program.
At Denvus, we believe that the only way for brands to run successful resale programs is to make sure they deliver an experience that matches the one they’ve always been offering to their community. This is why passion is at the heart of everything we do and look after when it comes to launching a new program.
We are driven by long term partnerships, and this is why profitability comes first. According to your brand environment, including product and pricing strategy, we define, in accordance with you, the best program to set & run that will immediately deliver profitability.

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